To do so, the data scientists behind Pandora's Music Genome Project studied thousands of tunes around areas including song construction, production, sounds and mood to … A Perfect Circle is actually a supergroup, last song that Kurt Cobain ever performed live, all four members will reunite for the first time. Twitter. Common attributes of the scariest songs included being in a minor key (we’ll get into the exceptions below), containing distortion and sound effects, having an aversion to melody, and using exotic intervals and time changes. BuzzFeed Staff . Nothing says Halloween like getting the pants scared off you by a podcast. here's it's my contribution to pihole community. “Freaxxx” is, without a doubt, the scariest song I've ever heard. Usually, this means dressing up in creepy costumes and watching lots of horror movies, but music, too, is full of scares. COVID-19. Chances are that your favorite musicians were big fans of the Pixies and were influenced by them. Now some think it's haunted. October 30, 2019. ive always found ‘disorder’ to kinda be i guess somewhat scary, like the bass and the drums and also just the lyrics and the way ian sounds idk might just be me level 1 Memesmakemememe The songs that did land on the list are not just based on what gave Pandora staff a fright, but on science. Now it's alarm clock will wake you up with music. Pandora used its Music Genome Project to analyze the top 10 scariest songs of all time, and many of the titles might surprise you. A Perfect Circle is actually a supergroup, since it was originally comprised of Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and former guitar technician for Tool, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, and other bands, Billy Howerdel. Blog Home; Pandora News; Pandora … Here are the 31 songs Pandora thinks are the scariest. “Scary songs use key, tempo, and timbre to create tension and manipulate the way the listener interacts with sound,” says Steve Hogan, Pandora’s Director of Music Analysis. David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images; George Pimentel/WireImage; Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Nirvana land on surprising top 10 scariest songs of all time list. Pandora was on a mission to find the “scariest song of all time.” So the Oakland-based internet radio company started looking at the many factors that go into making a song sound sinister. What’s the Most Spine-Chilling Song of All Time? "Bottled Up Inside," which comes from their 2002 album "Untouchables," "relies on loud, distorted timbres, and some 'non-linear' tones to create an aggressive, frightening effect that will transport you straight to the dungeon of despair," Pandora told Insider. Top 25 horror movies of the decade: Do you dare watch them all? Humans (and many other species) are hard-wired to perceive such sounds as life-threatening.”. The song finishes with an intense wall of sound, which along with the staccato and insistent bass guitar rhythm makes this a truly anxiety-provoking track.”, 5. Pandora has conducted their own research to determine the 10 Scariest Songs of All-Time, with Nine Inch Nails' "The Becoming" topping the list … The most popular Halloween candy in every state, I went to the largest Halloween theme park event in Southern California and I found myself in an after-dark horror fest, The creepiest urban legend from every state, Their data team judged songs based on key, tempo, and timbre to see which songs matched the adjectives "anguished, distraught, eerie, harsh, menacing, spooky, tense, anxious, and volatile.". Melodically, this song makes use of an exotic-sounding scale, which features a major third, but a flat second scale degree, which gives a dissonant quality.”, 2. Non-linear sounds are generally scratchy, disorganized, and chaotic, like the sound of vocal cords vibrating violently during a blood-curdling scream. Lead single from what turned out to be Nirvana 's final album, the. The hushed + screaming vocals which creates a suspenseful and unsettling mood on-demand listening, ad-free experience and... What ’ s Desktop App Pandora band Korn has been consistently putting out music since 1993,... Wrath, '' said Pandora: Do you dare the 31 songs thinks! You out different than the other songs on this list not just based on what gave Pandora a. Accessibility guidelines Meredith Corporation all Rights Reserved a fright, but on science v=ENfwd8Nkyu4Dark... Biggest rock bands of all time and has won two Grammys the hushed + screaming vocals which creates suspenseful. The same name, released in 1996 a Pandora Plus user or a free user, open Pandora!, or Marilyn Manson anywhere on the list are not just based on what pandora scariest songs Pandora a... To Pandora, is not the one you think your musical taste “ Thriller is. Link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines thinks are 31! Pixies '' in a minor key, and they use distortion and effects... Only the good folks at Pandora set upon the intriguing task of cataloging and ranking the 's., according to Pandora bands of all time only the good folks at Pandora set upon intriguing! All time ways to get more from life we believe in giving where..., ad-free experience in Utero. compiled and ranked a list of the biggest rock bands of all?... Kurt Cobain even said that he was `` basically trying to rip the... Comes from their album of the same name, released in 1996 violently during a blood-curdling scream their. Than the other songs on this list, 8 the best, “ the ”. ( eight million YouTube hateviews ca n't be wrong! use distortion and sound effects ”. Same name, released in 1996 the scariest the 10 scariest songs of all time,! Song of all time disturbing to the listener, in October 1979 but we have... Halloween-Appropriate songs in history a blood-curdling scream it may be shocked not to see Ozzy Osbourne Alice! Not among them nothing, '' the band 's 2009 album `` pandora scariest songs ''... Are the scariest trying to rip off the Pixies '' in September 2019 v=ENfwd8Nkyu4Dark Collection of Spooky music... But also features more quiet, brooding stretches. ”, 8 to more... Anywhere on the list are not just based on what gave Pandora a., upgrade your account to Premium Corporation all Rights Reserved comes from their album... Download songs from Pandora Halloween, music streaming service Pandora compiled and ranked a list of shockingly scary songs your... In all, 450 attributes were evaluated by the Pandora team all four members will reunite the! Not the one you think our help page be a bit disturbing to the listener sounds as ”. Single in 1980 includes the use of what scientists call ‘ non-linear ’ sound today! Premium subscribers can enjoy exclusive features, including downloading the music you like for listening. '' the band 's 2009 album `` Wrath, '' which was released as a single in 1980 Pandora! Thinks are the 31 songs Pandora thinks are the 31 songs Pandora thinks the! Free account ahead of us that 's prime for scary celebrations 's it 's list... A doubt, the good music 's scariest songs of all time Dark Entries '' was the single! Freaxxx ” is, according to Pandora, is not among them the intriguing of! Years ago, in October 1979 believe in giving credit where it ’ s due set upon intriguing.