On the weekend that just passed I went to my local bunnings and purchased a pack of 3 Hovex insect bombs for $9.00 and a 350 g can if the same but it was the spray which was another $9.90. Low price always. Raid® Indoor Home Surface Spray Do-It-Yourself Expert has been specially formulated to kill cockroaches, spiders, ants and other crawling insects. hovex 3 in 1 outdoor, indoor and garden insecticide concentrate Australia - English - APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) Patient Information leaflet (PIL) item 3 Hovex 2L 3 in 1 Indoor And Outdoor Surface Spray 2 - Hovex 2L 3 in 1 Indoor And Outdoor Surface Spray. Brunnings Outdoor and Indoor Surface Spray is a double action, ready to use 2L spray that kills and repels household pests by forming a barrier around the home. Hovex 3 in 1 Indoor and outdoor surface spray 2 L; Hovex Clothing moth trap; Hovex-Clothing-Protector; Hovex Vaporgard clothing moth killer cassette; Hovex Vaporgard outdoor fly and mosquito 350 g; Hovex Fly Trap; Garden pro ant killer 500 g; Hovex outdoor fogger 400 g; Hovex Germgard crawling insect spray 350 g; Hovex outdoor control bomb 300 g Watch price. Did everything as per the instructions, and amazing the cockroach s were still alive and running around as if nothing happened. Raid Indoor Home Surface Spray Do-It-Yourself Expert provides a tough barrier against insects in two ways: Indoor Home Surface Spray crawling insect protection for up to six months. Coles - 3 in 1 Indoor Outdoor & Garden Surface Spray $18 Buy from Coles Retail Limit: 20 Promotional Limit: 20 Code. Hovex is a trusted Australian household name in 'Do It Yourself' pest control solutions. Our core focus is to continue to deliver innovative high quality products at an affordable price for everyday Australians. item 4 Hovex 2L 3 in 1 Indoor And Outdoor Surface Spray - HOIGS2/6 3 - Hovex 2L 3 in 1 Indoor And Outdoor Surface Spray - HOIGS2/6. Woolworths Select 3 In 1 Outdoor, Indoor & Garden Surface Spray for effective control against flying and crawling insects around the home and in the garden up to 3 months protection for crawling insects. AU $22.94. Unavailable . Select Surface Spray 3 In 1 In/outdoor 2l. 1955290P. Brand & Product Name: Atlas 3 in 1 Outdoor, Indoor & Garden Surface Spray 2L Product Code: 35761 Page: 3 of 8 Issue Number: 1 Issue Date: 25 July 2016 7. AU $18.95. HANDLING AND STORAGE Precautions for safe handling: (including any incompatibilities) Keep exposure to this product to a minimum, and minimise the quantities kept in work areas. Hovex 3 in 1 Outdoor, Indoor and Garden Surface Spray is specially formulated to kill pest on direct spray, and it has residual effect on sprayed plants or surfaces … Product Features: Brunnings Outdoor and Indoor Surface Spray is effective against ants, cockroaches, spiders, paper … Save to list + Check stock in our stores. Product Details. Click System 3-in-1 multipurpose rubber broom head sweeps, squeegees, and wipes smooth floors indoors and out Hygienic bristles suitable for all flooring--indoor and outdoor Effectively removes dust, hair and dirt without matting Integrated Squeegee quickly pulls water and dries floors For use with Click System handle (sold separately)

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